1210, 2020

Impressions of Sicily

In these times where travel is limited, I offer to take you to Sicily with me in this journal entry I wrote four summers ago.
“This fall, when the Surrey sky was covered with heavy grey clouds, I had the chance to go on vacation under the Sicilian sun. For a week, I sailed along the […]

809, 2020

To escape confinement, read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea!

This period of enforced confinement gives us plenty of time to read the books that we have accumulated for months without ever having found the time or the inclination to open.

For my part, I have not yet found the courage to tackle the Capital and Ideology of Thomas Piketty, but I intend to get down […]

109, 2020

Ten differences between our children’s school and that of our grandparents

This month is marked by going back to school, schedules, books, folders, backpacks and school canteens.  It does not hurt to remember what school was like in the days of our grandparents, even that of our great-great-grandparents back in the early nineteenth century. It is interesting to see how despite the fact that we have […]

608, 2020

Seniors Emerging from Lockdown, more outings, exercise and fun possible!


After many weeks of enjoying our gardens if we are lucky enough to have one and taking simple walks in our local neighbourhoods, it’s time for us to start venturing further afield.  Really pleased that seniors are emerging from Lockdown, having more outings and exercise because fun is possible @any age.

With some forethought and planning, […]

608, 2020

“It is better to die on your feet than to live forever on your knees” The Woman behind the Saying

The saying was used during the miners strike in Asturias, Spain, in 1934 by Dolores Ibárruri.

Dolores Ibárruri, known as ‘la Pasionaria’ (‘the Passionflower’ in English) was a Spanish Republican fighter during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). La Pasionaria, born in a family of miners, became a Communist Spanish Party Member (PCE) publishing articles in the […]

807, 2020

Still supporting our elderly and vulnerable through the lockdown and beyond!

Seniors Helping Seniors has happily continued to support our elderly and its carers throughout the lockdown whilst following the developing Government guidelines.
Lets find a way…. Our carers have become very creative, one lady has been visiting her local hairdresser weekly for 40 years, to fill the void her carer washed and styled her hair then […]

304, 2020

Essential elderly care delivered during the lockdown





I’d like you to know that we are carrying on helping vulnerable people throughout this difficult time.
Essential elderly care services delivered during the lockdown in Guildford, Godalming and surrounding areas in Surrey.

The government has issued update guidelines on social distancing and also shielding which is relevant to many of our clients. We recognise that our […]

1308, 2019

A very promising weekly visit by story teller and carer

Rachel Nicolaou, Carer with Seniors Helping Seniors Guildford, talks of her work with one of our clients who was born in Chilworth, Guildford
Let me introduce you to Rachel Nicolaou, Story teller carer with Seniors Helping Seniors Guildford and her wonderful client Edwin. Our story teller carer writes. “When I first began working with Seniors Helping […]

1004, 2018

Help to support our elderly at their own homes!! elderly care service

Social care is provided by local authorities, whose grants from central government have decreased. Spending by local councils on social care for the elderly is falling every year too.

Many care home funding is then met privately. Care homes aiming at wealthy pensioners are doing well. However, some care homes are refusing to look after government-funded […]

2603, 2018

Our bakery employs 35 bakers over the age of 65 and they seem to love !!

A German bakery is selling cakes just like grandma used to make, because it’s employing real grandparents to make them. In order to provide the kind of homemade, old-fashioned pastries many customers remember from their youths, while also helping some retired people earn extra money and feel useful and less lonely, the Kuchentratsch bakery in […]