Story telling

To escape confinement, read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea!

This period of enforced confinement gives us plenty of time to read the books that we have accumulated for months without ever having found the time or the inclination to open.

For my part, I have not yet found the courage to tackle the Capital and Ideology of Thomas Piketty, but I intend to get down […]

Ten differences between our children’s school and that of our grandparents

This month is marked by going back to school, schedules, books, folders, backpacks and school canteens.  It does not hurt to remember what school was like in the days of our grandparents, even that of our great-great-grandparents back in the early nineteenth century. It is interesting to see how despite the fact that we have […]

A very promising weekly visit by story teller and carer

Rachel Nicolaou, Carer with Seniors Helping Seniors Guildford, talks of her work with one of our clients who was born in Chilworth, Guildford
Let me introduce you to Rachel Nicolaou, Story teller carer with Seniors Helping Seniors Guildford and her wonderful client Edwin. Our story teller carer writes. “When I first began working with Seniors Helping […]