Dolores Pasionara



I’d like you to know that we are carrying on helping vulnerable people throughout this difficult time.

Essential elderly care services delivered during the lockdown in Guildford, Godalming and surrounding areas in Surrey.

The government has issued update guidelines on social distancing and also shielding which is relevant to many of our clients. We recognise that our visits and support are essential to our clients and will continue as best we can.

Here to help you:

Elderly care to help you daily, weekly, from 30 minutes visits.

We understand that families and friends who might normally have visited older members of the community may now be unable. We have a great team of good hearted, caring, giving helpers throughout Guildford, Woking and Godalming who are continuing to help our clients. We adhere to the governments shielding advice and our people will not attend if they themselves exhibit any of the known symptoms.

If you are good hearted, caring and giving and in good health and want to help then please get in touch. We do insist on paying so this is not a volunteer role. In conclusion, here to help you and happy to be able to provide the care needed.

Above all, Very Best to you all,

Andy Boothman, Director