After many weeks of enjoying our gardens if we are lucky enough to have one and taking simple walks in our local neighbourhoods, it’s time for us to start venturing further afield.  Really pleased that seniors are emerging from Lockdown, having more outings and exercise because fun is possible @any age.

With some forethought and planning, there are now plenty of places around Guildford, Godalming and Woking where Seniors can visit safely.

The majority of local National Trust gardens and outdoor spaces have reopened.  They do need to be booked online on Friday mornings from about 8am onwards, even if you are a member.  They book up quickly

Lockdown, more outings, exercise and fun

Since lockdown eased, we have visited all the nearby gardens with our Japenese friends who leave for Japan on Saturday a love seeing the English countryside.

Highlights were the very friendly wildfowl on the lake at Claremont, and the sweet smelling roses at Polesdon Lacey

Do not forget the beautiful parklands at Hatchlands

Although houses and cafes haven’t reopened, you can get an outdoor coffee and we were thrilled to find the Polesdon Lacey shop was open!

I couldn’t write this without mentioning Wisley Gardens which is open for bookings further in advance and is at it’s most beautiful at the moment.  Everywhere you walk there’s variety and colour and there are plenty of outdoor places for coffee and cake and you can also browse the shop!

Incredible views from Newlands Corner

Beautiful flowers of Wisley

If you don’t fancy pre-booking tickets or paying entry fees, Newlands Corner car park is now free and both cafes are open.  We have taken some clients up with a coffee from home, found a bench with the best views and enjoyed being out in the fresh air.  Another perfect spot is the lake at Goldsworth Park.


You can park by Waitrose, pick up a coffee from Costa Coffee and take a short walk to the lake and find a lakeside bench.


Whilst going out and about, I’ve noticed that some cafes are open and some aren’t.  If you love to visit a garden centre and enjoy a coffee whist you are there, Squire’s Milford is open and the coffee shop too.  Do check websites before going as you may need to book a table.  Guildford town centre coffee shops are gradually reopening and they’ve all got measures in place to keep you safe.



Finally, if you live in the Milford and Godalming area, you may know of The Clockhouse, a social day centre offering a range of activities for pre and post retirement.  Although the centre remains closed at this time, you can pre-book the hairdressing salon and foot clinic and they have The Clockhouse book, DVD and jigsaw store and if you are local they will deliver to your doorstep.  Keep an eye out as they are planning to reopen the café soon.

For those who really don’t want to travel by car we’ve encouraged walking round the garden, gentle walks out in the street, anything to get some sun on their skin, fresh air in their lungs and a smile on their face!

Our experienced carers would love to make it easier for you by accompanying you on these trips.  We are taking all the necessary steps to keep you safe whilst in cars and to make your outing as enjoyable as possible.

Do get in touch if you would like our help to go on an adventure!