Rachel Nicolaou, Carer with Seniors Helping Seniors Guildford, talks of her work with one of our clients who was born in Chilworth, Guildford

Let me introduce you to Rachel Nicolaou, Story teller carer with Seniors Helping Seniors Guildford and her wonderful client Edwin. Our story teller carer writes. “When I first began working with Seniors Helping Seniors I met Edwin, a lovely gentleman who had been born in Chilworth and spent his childhood there. He still lives in the family home in Chilworth which his family bought in the early 1920s.

Halfapenny Lane

Chilworth uplifting beauty


He has extensive knowledge of the area. https://www.exploringsurreyspast.org.uk/themes/places/surrey/guildford/chilworth/

More story telling now by client, taking into terms our story teller roles. Edwin loves to tell me about the history of Chilworth.  https://guildfordheritageforum.co.uk/2020/02/23/chilworth-gunpowder-mills/

Gunpower mill

Chilworth Gunpower Mills


Many a morning is spent cutting down bamboo in his garden.  The bamboo was originally grown to reduce the impact of explosions.  The explosions were caused by the nearby gunpowder factory! St Martha’s Church on the nearby hill even got damaged in an explosion.

I also learnt through my client, I learned that my route to his house via Halfpenny Lane is so named because it was once a toll road. Thanks to our story teller carer is now public knowledge.


A TYPICAL MORNING of our story teller carer

A typical morning for our story teller care and Edwin starts with us catching up on the week during a scenic drive to a local market town to shop.  This is then followed by a relaxing coffee.  We enjoy sampling many different cafes. Then we start rating the cappuccinos!♥

Capuccinos welcome

Story teller carer star

There is always work to be done in the garden which we tackle together ♣.  My client often says he does so much more when I’m there. We both benefit from being outdoors in the fresh air.  We spend time in his beautiful garden.

Some weeks says story teller carer, Rachel, we decide to do something completely different and take a walk into the stunning countryside on his doorstep. 

Walking on the footpath through the old mill and past Chilworth Manor triggers lots of memories and enable us to talk about the changes my client has seen in them over his lifetime.  With him to guide me, I have learned so much about Chilworth, Guildford ♥.

With some clients having limited mobility.  It is great to find so many accessible places.  Getting out and about, people-watching in a garden center or while sitting on a bench in the countryside and reminiscing are such an important part of the way we work with our clients.

Even a car ride through the countryside with the windows down can be so uplifting.  Very uplifting for this type of people, whose world has become limited by their failing health or mobility as they get older.

So much research is now proving how beneficial it is to maintain activities which stimulate minds and bodies.  As we age and that is the focus for what we aim to offer to our clients. https://guildfordwoking.seniorshelpingseniors.co.uk/contact-us/