At Seniors Helping Seniors®, we know that for the right people, this is a very rewarding position …a way to help and to receive®


We are looking for loving, giving, caring, compassionate people. Your care experience may come from caring for a loved one and you may never have thought about caring before.  We know that your experience is vital and we are able to help you help other families. Each of our helpers works as many hours as they need, we match you carefully to a client and you will be personally introduced.

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Supplement your income

Most of the people who work with Seniors Helping Seniors® were looking for volunteer jobs, seeking activities that would add meaning to their lives. Others have worked in care.  Caring for others means you will be making an important contribution.

Lots of heart required

Seniors Helping Seniors® would like to talk to you if you can offer companionship or some of our particular services. Many of our carers who help out are recently retired or younger and want to work a few specific hours. Being older is not about a number it’s about  life experience and sharing.

  • Competitive hourly wage
  • Special Holiday & Weekend pay
  • Flexible hours to fit your lifestyle
  • Holiday Pay
  • Reimbursed traveling time and miles

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